Friday, March 29, 2013

Celebrating the Small Things

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This week I'm celebrating:
1- A nice family dinner with my parents and siblings,
and yummy cake for my mom's birthday.
2- Got positive feedback on my MS. There was good
and bad and that is exactly the kind of critique I need.
3- Found out way before publishing that the main image
on my cover is being used by someone else.
 Yay for having the time to change it!

What are you celebrating?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My NOT-Anymore-Cover, cover reveal

A while back I bought this premade cover and had a couple of small changes done. I wasn't sure whether I would change it for a custom design or not. But now? I have to. Someone recently released their book cover with the same girl that's on mine and as much as I like the image, I prefer something more unique. I think I could get a much better cover that represents the fantasy/sci-fi aspect a little more anyway. I do however find it weird to see my "tough chick Annie" on someone else's book, but whatever ;)

So here,

My NO LONGER cover:
I might still use it as my Work In progress image. I'm not sure yet, hey, I did pay for it. I just would feel bad to do that to the other writer whose book image is now out there. So then again, maybe not...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tweets Tuesday (8)

Bringing my past week's Tweets back to life
 You can have whatever you are willing to struggle for.
I thought a thought and smiled then the thought thought
back to me and I ran...
~SK Anthony
Who can help me give migraine to a "migraine" to see how "it" likes it?
~SK Anthony
By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.
~Benjamin Franklin
Happy Birthday to my Mom ;)
Without this event, I wouldn't be here...
~SK Anthony

Friday, March 22, 2013

Celebration Time!

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This week I'm celebrating:
1-Spring! . . . I think. . ???
It's still snowing in NY but its GOTTA be around the corner, right? RIGHT?
2-I walked/jogged close to 12 miles this week.
3- A supportive and loving husband.
4- The MickeyMouse Clubhouse. It allows me to blog-around,
or write-around instead of Mommy-ing-around when the mood strikes :D
5-My Mom. She made me--what else do you want?
(OK so she had a little help, but still.)
What are you celebrating?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Book, part 2: Meet Annie Fox

(The Luminaries)

I decided I wasn't ready to talk about someone else's story, so I invited the main character to introduce herself... Take it over Annie.

Yeah, alright. I guess I'll do your job for you Katherine, goodness.

Hi guys,

I'm Annie Fox and I'm a 23 year old Luminary that loves to kick ass. No really, I have a problem where getting into fights is an amazing outlet. I have issues, what can I say? I work at the Org and along with my really cool buddies and our special "gifts" we help to bring down the evil guys (and women) of the world.

I'm ashamed of admitting this but I made the stupid mistake of getting married at the tender age of 18, yes I know... idiotic move all around. Now I'm divorced and since things weren't interesting enough in my life, I'm after my bastard ex-husband Nick Logan. He turned into this power-hungry-evil-maniac and cold-hearted-murderer all in one. My boss and friend (wink, wink) Derek Lake has issued clear orders when it comes to Nick: KILL ON CONTACT.

I cannot wait to get revenge on that asshole. Really, who walks out on you leaving nothing but divorce papers on your kitchen counter? An asshole, that's who. OK, so I know I should focus a little on all the other bad stuff he's done, but didn't I mention I have anger issues? I do. I just need to get some good beating in there before surrendering him to the mercy of death.

Did I just get too dark for this blog thingy? Sorry. I guess I should say something nice. I'm 5 feet tall or short depending how you look at it and I like kids, maybe it's because I don't have to crack my neck looking up to talk to them. Well, most of them. Or maybe it's because they are not as judgy as adults, whatever, they are adorable. I also like lip gloss and chick flicks and a good Margarita once in a while. Uh,... I'm getting called in for a mission guys, sorry.... I have to run!

How do you input this in your blog thingy? Katherine? You do it before I smash it. BYE.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tweets Tuesday (7) & Blog Blitz

Bringing back some tweets to life:
Everyone is a genius, but judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree
 & it will live its life believing it is stupid.
~Albert Einstein
'Scuse me while I puke AND bite my nails.
Just entered #PitchMadness #WhatWasIThinking #WhereIsTheAlcohol
~S.K. Anthony
Fetch kids, fetch! *throws ball to hallway*
*sips coffee*
*Avoid kids hitting coffee mug* *trows ball again* FETCH!
~S.K. Anthony
I'd put this book down and go make dinner,
 but Momma didn't raise no quitter!
“It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it.”
~Jack Kerouac, WD

Blog Blitz
D.L. Hammons over at Cruising Altitude came up with a fantastic idea,
I'm not telling you but you want to know, trust me!
for details and to sign up click here.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Cheating Death Blog Tour Kick Off!

Cheating Death
Author: Jen Naumann
Genre: New Adult Paranormal
Book description:
Lysandra Brooks remembers everything about the day she almost drowned alongside her grandma, especially the set of mysterious eyes she saw at the bottom of the lake. Ever since then, she's been seeing strange things when she is near water—things that aren't really there. Because of it, Lysandra has the tendency to avoid anything that isn't on dry land. On her last day of high school, however, the biggest party of the year is set to take place at a fellow senior's lakeside mansion. Despite her fears, Lysandra decides to prove to her friends and herself that she can handle it.

But after a horrific night of drinking and drama that leaves Lysandra feeling lonely and confused, she nearly drowns for a second time, only to be saved by the new guy in town. From that moment on, Lysandra's world is turned upside down with the discovery of mind blowing secrets, including a revelation that something sinister is after her soul.
Check out the trailer!

Meet the Author: 
Jen grew up during a magical time in which Ghostbusters, Star Wars, E.T. and The Goonies were the biggest blockbusters. Her love of sci-fi exploded over time, eventually growing into a career of writing YA fiction with a paranormal flair. When not sitting at her Mac, she can be found at concerts and movies, hanging with friends, chilling at her lake home, taking pictures, working on graphic design projects, traveling, or at home with her husband in southern Minnesota and trying to keep up with their four active children.
Follow Jen:
And don't forget to enter to win your own copy: 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things!

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This week I'm celebrating:
1- Spending some quality time with my best friend.
I saw her last in December, growing up really makes us loose track of time.
2- Sharing my plan and title (Kinetic) with the Internet world.
3- Getting back in the working out waggon. Ok, so it was only 2 days, but still.
4- These two:

 What are you celebrating this week?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cover Reveal: LASH by L.G. Castillo

(Broken Angel #1)
L. G. Castillo

Expected Release Date:
June 24, 2013

New Adult Paranormal Romance 
Book Links
Book Synopsis:
Decades after being banished from Heaven for saving a life he shouldn’t have, Seraph Lash is given a chance to redeem himself. His mission: protect Naomi Duran, a young woman who has lost her faith. The assignment proves to be anything but simple when his superiors, the Archangels, withhold key information about Naomi and refuse to restore Lash’s powers. When an unexpected source reveals centuries-old secrets, his trust is shaken to the core, and he begins to doubt those whom he had once considered to be his greatest allies.

Determined to avoid anything that would risk his chances of returning to Heaven, Lash struggles with the greatest obstacle of all—his growing feelings for Naomi. But when her life is threatened by an unknown source, Lash questions the wisdom of the Archangels and his ability to keep her safe.

Soon, Lash will have to choose where to place his faith—in the home he has fought so hard to regain or in the forbidden love he can’t bear to lose.
• This Will Be a Trilogy
TBN (Broken Angel #2)
Release Date: Fall 2013 

TBN (Broken Angel #3)
Release Date: Spring 2014

Meet the Author: 
L.G. (Linda) Castillo wrote her first story when she was ten and has been
writing ever since. She took a break from writing fiction and poetry to
focus on obtaining her Ph.D. in counseling psychology. She is now a
licensed psychologist and currently works as a professor at a Texas
university. Although she has published her psychological research in
several professional journals and books, her dream is to publish a novel.

It wasn’t until she found the world of fanfiction that she became inspired
to write stories again. She uploaded her first fanfiction novel under the
pen name Lacrimosa Moon. With the support and encouragement of her readers
(and lots and lots of caffeine), she wrote the first book of the Broken
Angel trilogy, Lash, during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo 2012).

When she’s not writing, she scours the Internet collecting frequent flyer
miles and uses them to travel with her husband throughout Europe.
Find L.G. Castillo here:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Book, part 1: Title

I'll be sharing small tidbits here and there. For now "meet" the (most likely) title:
(The Luminaries)
It falls under New Adult Romance Sci-Fi Fantasy category. A mouthful, huh? Well, it is what it is. I can't change it. Wait... actually I can... I have full power! Now that's pretty amazing, being able to create a whole world and change whatever aspects you don't like. God, anyone? If only it was this easy in real life, I'd be looking like a supermodel by now. ::sigh::
OK, back to the book. Here is the PLAN:
*I'm thinking it will be released Fall 2013.
*I have yet to rewrite, revise, and rewrite again.
*I have to get it to Beta Readers (& find them first)
*Then rewrite a little more.
*Get it professionally edited.
*Get cover ready.
*Revise & rewrite yet again with editing notes.
*Share with my husband and bite my nails... that man is a tough one to make happy with story lines and grammar. And he is NOT a reader so if he gives me two thumbs up, I'll be moving on. If not I'll be smacking him or denying him dinner, depends on my mood that day. (Probably both)
*Maybe line/copy edits depending on the $$
*Then professionally proofread.
*More Beta Reading, just in case.
*Market the crap out of it.
*Hit Publish.
*Then PUKE and FREAK OUT... and probably cry.
All in that order. If I missed something, let me know!

P.S. Keep an eye out for part 2, it will be an introduction of my main character... Annie Fox.

Tweets Tuesday (6)

Resurrection of last week's tweets:
There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate.
~Robert Brault
The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book. #Writing
 ~ Mickey Spillane
Babies are napping & I'm mindlessly wondering around
the Internet  instead of finishing my re-writes.
Somebody put me on time out!
~SK Anthony
Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect
"Writing a novel . . . is like wrestling an octopus into a mayonnaise jar."
~Patti Hill


Monday, March 11, 2013

The Sunshine Award!

I wanna thank my Husband, my Kids, my Mom...
What? Is it NOT that kind of award? Fine...
Here it is:
The Sunshine Award ;)
The Sunshine Award is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers.
The recipients of the Sunshine Award are “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.” The way the award works is this: thank the person who gave you the award, and link back to them. Then answer questions about yourself. Finally, select up to 10 of your favorite bloggers, link their blogs to your post, and let them know they have been awarded the Sunshine Award!
Thank you Jen Naumann for nominating me with The Sunshine Award!!!
Here are my answers:
-What inspired you to start blogging?
I thought it would be a great way of connecting with fellow authors and sharing my publishing journey with... I guess myself? I wasn't sure I'd get anyone reading this so I guess I also saw it as an outlet for any frustration I might encounter during this whole ordeal.

How did you come up with the name of your blog?
I figured my name was an easy one to remember for all my future readers???
Fingers tightly crossed that "ALL my future readers" doesn't consist of only my Mom and husband...

What is your favorite blog that you like to read?
Ohh, tough one... I guess right now I'm really enjoying The Writer Diaries, you should check it out. Well, not you Jen, you are a contributor... probably one of the reasons I like it :)

Tell about your dream job.
Ahhh... writing? Or Reading? Getting paid to do both would be awesome.

Is your glass half full or half empty?
I think it depends on the situation.... If it's for someone else half full, if it's for me? half empty, I'm full of self doubt and I like to prepare for the "worst" situations... Just in case, you just never know.

If you could go anywhere for a week’s vacation, where would you go?
ANYWHERE! We are a little desperate for some adult only activity. Kids are awesome but they have a schedule and they come with their own set of guidelines that just don't cut it with us adults 24/7.
I would have said Hawaii or anywhere Caribbean but those include bathing suits, please... no.

What food can you absolutely not eat?
Veal. Don't judge, I just can't.

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
Milk, milk, milk!

How much time do you spend blogging?
Commenting more than actually posting... probably 3 hours or so a week.
Posting? About an hour... I'm working on improving my habits.

Do you watch TV – if so, what are some of your favorite shows?
Bwah hahha, do I? YES. I'm TV obsessed.
Let's see... I love The Walking Dead, Homeland, The Following, Sherlock Holmes, The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Grey's Anatomy, True Blood, and Matt Bomer White Collar.

Now to pass on the award, here are my nominees:
Al Diaz  

Friday, March 8, 2013

Let's Celebrate the Small Things!

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This week I'm celebrating:
1- My WIP: added another 6,000 words and got some editing done.
This means that:
2- I'm about to start sending it out for beta reading. EEK!
3- Wine! Nothing frees my mind better to get ideas down on paper,
so yes, I celebrate it. *Cheers*
4- We are FINALLY doing better health wise in our home.
5- My twins are two years and five months today.
Their laughter is the best sound in the world, hands down!
What are you celebrating?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cover Reveal: Revamp of DESCENDED by Debra Ann Miller

Debra Ann Miller
Beautiful new cover desing reveal:
Destiny has two ways of crushing us…by refusing our wishes…and fulfilling them.

Vie had no idea when she descended into the small town of Newcastle, Wyoming that she’d find herself mesmerized by the mysterious and alluring eyes of one Carter Stone. And Carter believed he knew everyone that lived in his rural town until the day he locked eyes with Vivian Thorne. He couldn't help but wonder what was different about this girl he had known all of his life.

He was right, Vie was the beautiful young Guardian that had been sent to their world looking for Carter and she did so merged in the vessel of the Thorne girl. Their meeting sparks a passionate romance between the two and soon after they embark on their journey to uncover the secrets of a past that they begin to realize they both shared. Their forbidden connection unleashes a war with disapproving parties and the lovers find themselves on a mission to uncover the truth of their not wholly human existence and their unbreakable bond. Darkness falls as Lucian returns to settle a score with them and their lives take a thrilling and terrifying turn. The only way for Carter to stop Lucian and save the one he holds most dear is to unlock the secrets of his past and unleash the powers within him. What are the chances that two raindrops, flung from the heavens, will merge on a windowpane? Gotta be fate!

Deeply passionate and extraordinarily suspenseful, Descended captures the struggles between doing what is expected of you and unleashing your destiny, between fulfilling prophecies and desires, between loyalty and love.
Meet the Author:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tweets Tuesdays (5)

Tweets from the past week:
I think I did pretty well, considering I started with nothing
but a bunch of blank paper.
 ~Steve Martin

Time come back!
Stop running away from me when I'm trying to write :-/ #AmWriting.
~SK Anthony

Screw coffee! What I need is RedBull or Wine,
though I'd rather have a threesome with them & find out what I birth. #AmWriting.
~SK Anthony

Joe Carroll, I love to hate him & hate to love him.
Also he scares the bejesus outta me #TheFollowing
~SK Anthony

Being a writer...
is like having homework every night for the rest of your life.
~Lawrence Kasdan

Friday, March 1, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things!

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sign up, post something to celebrate,
hop around and cheer on others, bask in warm glow.
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This week I'm celebrating:
1- That my daughter is joining her brother in feeling better.
Us adults are still sick though, boo.
2- I shared my first chapter with an author friend and she loved it!
3- Being sick gave me a chance to start reading a book, I've missed reading.
(In case you are curious, its: What I've Done by our very own: Jen Naumann)
4- I've added another 3,000 words to my MS.

What are you celebrating this week?