Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Book, part 2: Meet Annie Fox

(The Luminaries)

I decided I wasn't ready to talk about someone else's story, so I invited the main character to introduce herself... Take it over Annie.

Yeah, alright. I guess I'll do your job for you Katherine, goodness.

Hi guys,

I'm Annie Fox and I'm a 23 year old Luminary that loves to kick ass. No really, I have a problem where getting into fights is an amazing outlet. I have issues, what can I say? I work at the Org and along with my really cool buddies and our special "gifts" we help to bring down the evil guys (and women) of the world.

I'm ashamed of admitting this but I made the stupid mistake of getting married at the tender age of 18, yes I know... idiotic move all around. Now I'm divorced and since things weren't interesting enough in my life, I'm after my bastard ex-husband Nick Logan. He turned into this power-hungry-evil-maniac and cold-hearted-murderer all in one. My boss and friend (wink, wink) Derek Lake has issued clear orders when it comes to Nick: KILL ON CONTACT.

I cannot wait to get revenge on that asshole. Really, who walks out on you leaving nothing but divorce papers on your kitchen counter? An asshole, that's who. OK, so I know I should focus a little on all the other bad stuff he's done, but didn't I mention I have anger issues? I do. I just need to get some good beating in there before surrendering him to the mercy of death.

Did I just get too dark for this blog thingy? Sorry. I guess I should say something nice. I'm 5 feet tall or short depending how you look at it and I like kids, maybe it's because I don't have to crack my neck looking up to talk to them. Well, most of them. Or maybe it's because they are not as judgy as adults, whatever, they are adorable. I also like lip gloss and chick flicks and a good Margarita once in a while. Uh,... I'm getting called in for a mission guys, sorry.... I have to run!

How do you input this in your blog thingy? Katherine? You do it before I smash it. BYE.


  1. Very sassy character, and a different way to bring her out. Not sure I'd want her as a friend. She's something'!

    1. Oh Nancy, better as a friend than an enemy! Don't worry she'll have your back on anything ;)

  2. I'd want Annie Fox as a friend! I'm getting to know her very well and I like what I see :) Annie Rocks!!!

    1. You know she is going to have your back at all times Deb ;)