Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tweets Tuesday (11)

 Tweets from last week:
Monday is definitely our punishment for all that we did on the weekend...
~ ~ ~
Patience is not a virtue. It's a necessary evil.
~ ~ ~
The best memories come from bad ideas.
~ ~ ~

Focus? What is that? I had the genius idea to do some edits
around 1:30am, went to bed at 5am, & now have
~ ~ ~
While "window" shopping online & adding items to bag,
you know... for therapy purpose, IF I accidentally click "buy"
it was meant to be, right?


  1. As long as those were someone else's bad idea of course.

  2. Some accidents are meant to be. Others are *!@#&!.

    At least you still have your 1:30 edits. The last late night writing I did was never saved and is gone forever.... :( Writer’s Mark