Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tweets Tuesdays (10)

Resurrecting some of my Tweets from last week:
I'm tired this morning.
Who knew going to a Mickey Mouse musical with the kids
would make me feel like a party animal? #NeedToGoOutMore
 ~ ~ ~
Wondering if I turned coffee machine on
WHILE staring at my FULL pot,
obviously #NeedCaffeineNow #WildLife
 ~ ~ ~
Facebook is where you lie to people you know,
and Twitter is where you are honest to strangers o.0
 ~ ~ ~
The moment I was rinsing mouthwash & read something 
funny online. You know what happened.
Well now laptop won't get gingivitis & is #MintyFresh
 ~ ~ ~
Singing that song you don't really know...
but that 15 second part you do know is coming
and you are gonna own that shit.
 ~ ~ ~
Checking the time twice
because you forgot it the first time... #TrueStory