Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Release: ASHES! Interview with author Brandon Ax & GIVEAWAY!

ASHES is out now!

A year ago,  Sophia would have told you monsters existed only in the movies. That the world is easily understood and life has a way of making sense.  A year ago,  Sophia would have been wrong.

Her world had changed and she'd seen behind the curtain.  With Aiden and the others by her side, all she wants now is answers. The monsters were gone, but in their absence new questions about her past were left to haunt.

As the search for answers begins, a remnant from her nightmares returns. Her new understanding of the world is once more shaken and she finds herself on the opposite side of powerful Elementals.

When those sworn to protect humanity are your enemies, the lines of right and wrong become blurred. One wrong choice and she could be left with ashes.

* * *

I had the honor to sit down with Brandon for an interview (by sit down I mean we swapped emails while probably both sitting, hard to prove really) and he had some pretty interesting things to say...

First of all, thank you for agreeing to my interrogation, Brandon. I wish you good luck. And second, OMG Ashes is awesome thank you for allowing me to pretend to be your CP and get to read this in advance. I love it! Sorry, the fan girl in me got carried away... Ahem, the interview yes... read on!

So do tell us, B... Do you have a favorite scene in Ashes?

Many. Too vague?  
Yes, too vague! Give us more. Jeez.
Okay, I do have a lot, but without giving too much away there is a scene at the end in the epilogue that I have been waiting to write for three years. Let's say that one. 

OMG, yes...that one is awesome! Okay, moving on... If you were an Elemental, which would you control: Air, Water, Fire or Earth?

Air for sure. The connection you have to the world around you and I mean who doesn't want to move through the air at high speeds without risking injury?

Nice! Sounds a bit dangerous for us mere humans, but fun.
Speaking of... which character was the most fun to write?

That is hard. If I had to pick quickly I'd say Guardian, he was fun and came easily.

Guardian was really cool to read... but umm, so was Zander and Alex and.. oh right, your favorite, sorry o_0 
Was it difficult to write under a teenage girl’s POV?

I would say that in Elemental it was, but only in the beginning. At the end of the day we are all people and there are unifying themes that stay with all of us no matter our sex. Besides I was raised by a single mom with two sisters, I had this.

Yeah, you did! What was your playlist inspiration while writing Ashes?

So many. Music is so important to my writing it is hard to separate them. When writing my old world fantasy it is almost always some form of Rock music. When writing a more modern story the list is more eclectic. Ed Sheeran and Ellie Goulding made quite a few appearances. Editing/Revisions has all been done to Twenty One Pilots: Vessel. Okay let me stop or I will start putting together a playlist for people.

Do you enjoy putting your readers through emotional turmoil? I really think you do... you, evil man. Grrr!

In my opinion, every author should. I mean if we can't take a reader on a ride and get a few angry emails then what are we doing here?  lol.

Hmm, whatever...
Can you give us any general hint of what to expect for the third and final installment in The Light Bringer Saga?

Yes I can. Oh, you wanted me to actually give them here? 
Hmm, well I wouldn't want to spoil anything. I guess I can say that many questions are answered while at the same time presenting new ones. That is my politician's answer and all I got.

Good answer :D
How do you come up with your story ideas? Is there any inspiration?

I have been reading since an early age. I would like to say this inspired a very active imagination. I can say I find inspiration everywhere. I like to get cool ideas built up and merge them together with others. I do this until I feel I have enough to form a story people will be interested in. Let's not talk about my "Folder of Ideas" it is overflowing at the moment.

For this particular story, though, I did pay tribute to something I love: Master Splinter and the turtles can be seen some in Sidney and the Elementals.

Really cool! 
Now, this makes wonder about your process. So tell us, what kind of writer are you: do you plan it out or are you a pantser?

This is a hard one. I, like many authors starting out, have tried many things. I like to plan and have an idea where I'm going, but I write what comes to me in the moment. I guess you could say, I fly by the seat of my plans.

Well it works! lol
And since we are talking about writing, do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

I will hit you with the tried and true, "Write every day." It really does help, humans are creatures of habit and we have to form those. It is the biggest thing that will get you to grow as a writer.

Past that? Get great people to read your stuff. Diversity in your beta readers is a must. For my main three readers, I have one who just reads all sorts of stories. One who is a writer and reads in the genre I write in, and one who is a writer but doesn't read the genre. This gives me a lot of info that, while sometimes has me pulling my hair out, helps to make a good story great.

Agreed :)
Could you leave us with a line you like from Ashes?

Sure, it actually summed up the whole writing process this time:

"Laughter probably wasn't the sanest of responses, but I went with it anyway."

 And that, my people, is all. Over too soon, I know... Ah well... 
BUT there is a giveaway!!!! 
Enter it and help spread the word! 

Look at the beautiful necklaces you can win:

If you haven't read Elemental, get your copy here along with Ashes here. 
He is also offering 40% discount if you buy some lovely handmade Jewelry! Use code: Lightbringer2Ashes (not caps sensitive), this offer ends August 31st. And don't forget to go visit Brandon over at his blog ;)


  1. Congratulations, Brandon!
    We have found Mr. Vague Man.
    Diversity in critique partners is really important. One of my partners doesn't even read science fiction but she had the best suggestions. Not to mention the funniest lines. (Yes, I am talking about Cassie Mae!)

    1. Yay for you for having Cassie!

      And yes... Brandon makes a vague politician lol

  2. Congratulations Brandon!!! I love the quote from your book - laughter in insane moments can be a good thing. :) (Watch as I laugh while revising . . . mostly joking)

    1. lol Wish I had the laugh while revising attitude... It's a great quote ;)

  3. Amazing the number of new releases. Thank goodness the reading population is so big! Although I have 500 books on my Kindle and have only gotten through 250 of them and just keep adding more. Congrats to Brandon! Love the elemental super powers - wish I had some!

    1. It truly is amazing, Yolanda!
      I have to get through my "digital pile" as well... maybe if I had some of them Elemental powers I would be able to get through them a big quicker. I don't think they require much sleep so that would be handy :D

  4. Congrats Brandon. I like the premise of the book as I am quite fascinated with monsters.

    1. Be careful with them monsters, Rachna... you never know if they'll find a way to turn you into Dark Ones. (You'll have to read the book to find out)

  5. Congrats to Brandon. I love merging inspirations. I was out gathering some yesterday :)

    1. I hope the "gathering" was productive :P

  6. Splinter and the turtles??? Love. I was a Donatello groupie. lol

    Awesome interview, guys! Loved learning more about Brandon. :)

    1. Oh man me too, he was and is my favorite.

  7. Thanks everyone, especially Mrs. Anthony, always love doing your interviews, nice to be myself this time.

  8. she is so undoubtfully cruel to make you pick a fav scene right? i mean, we would NOT want the other scenes to go mad and change the plot out of vengeance! p.s. the cover is awesome!

    1. Bwahh haha ::evil laugh::
      ...though I hadn't thought of those vengeance plots O_O lol

    2. Well now that you mention it.... >:)

  9. Great interview Brandon - haven't yet read the book, but sounds great. May this giveaway be a big score in getting fans. Writer’s Mark

  10. Congratulations to Brandon!
    The cover art is fantastic! And what a generous giveaway!
    I truly believe that laughter is the panacea for all ills...
    Hi SK *waving*
    Writer In Transit

    1. *Waves back*

      And I agree, so let's laugh. On cue: one, two, three... GO!

  11. Great job on the interview! The book sounds so exciting and captivating. Best wishes. I'm sure it will be in high demand.

    1. It is an exciting read, Deanie, that's for sure! ;)

  12. YAY, Brandon! Picture Kermit running around screaming for glee and that's about me. So excited for you! It was a fun interview too. That favorite line is good :)

  13. YAY, Brandon! Picture Kermit running around screaming for glee and that's about me. So excited for you! It was a fun interview too. That favorite line is good :)

  14. YAY, Brandon! Picture Kermit running around screaming for glee and that's about me. So excited for you! It was a fun interview too. That favorite line is good :)

  15. Good interview, fun. It will be interesting to read your own interviews to learn more about you and how does one become your CP?
    I will take your word and look into Ashes. That is a good cover.

    1. My CP's became my CP's because we have the right "click" lol

      Be sure to check out Ashes, you will love it ;)

  16. The cover alone is tantalizing, and it's going on my TBR list. Like, now. ;)