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Monday, September 23, 2013

Kinetic: Blog Tour Day 9, Excerpts, Reviews & Fan Posters!

A little excerpt never hurt anyone, right? 
How about three excerpts? :D
Today's stops are sharing some exclusive words
from inside the pages of Kinetic.

If you are curious, go here to read them:
Excerpt #1: Juliana Haygert

I also have two brand spanking new reviews here:

And now for some serious love:
I call them "fan" posters because it sounds cooler, let's go with it!
I received some awesome pics for Kinetic and thought I'd share.

Thank you Lynda for having your 
son Noah work on this for release day ;)

Thank you Zakirrah for making this up to go along with your review:

And Brandon for drawing this,
see? even dragons are reading Kinetic :P


  1. Those are cool! Already visited Juliana this morning.

  2. It's my dream to have a dragon read my novel.

    And I really love the Paul Revere photo. Awesome!

  3. You just crack me up. I do love all of these, though, and would happily open my window to have Paul Revere toss a copy of Kinetic at me.

    1. Open that window, Lynda... he is coming :P

  4. Just goes to prove that dragons are cool kids too.

    1. That is so true, Lynda. Dragons are super cool ;)

  5. I am hearing about KINETIC everywhere! I'm definitely going to go check out those excerpts :D Brandon's drawing is really cool; I love all of his work!

    1. Hope you enjoy the excerpts ;)
      And yes, his drawings are awesome!

  6. I really liked these!