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Friday, October 4, 2013

Celebrate the Small Stuff

This hop comes with easy instructions:
Sign up, post something to celebrate,
hop around and cheer on others, bask in warm glow.
Full instructions and badge here.

This week I'm celebrating:
1- The kids.
They provide me with a reasonable excuse as to
why I haven't written much lately.
(And they are awesome huggers)

2- I got some background plots figured out.
Now, if only I could find the "right" voice....

3- And this:
Kinetic made Top 100 in Urban Fantasy
For one day only, but still :D

What are you celebrating?


  1. That's awesome!! Feels good to hit one of those charts, doesn't it?

  2. Kiddie hugs are the best hugs ever!

  3. Top 100? Awesom job. Some of us could only dream of that. I'm sure it will have great impact of sales and Amazon exposure... one day or not! :)

    Shah X


  4. Wow! Congratulations, Katherine. That's so exciting for you! Love to the little ones and glad they're sharing hugs. Hugs are important cause they make us feel special. D

  5. Hey that's awesome!! Good for you! Must feel fab. :D

  6. Congratulations on being in the top 100, that's great! Good luck finding the right voice :)

  7. Kid hugs are the best! And being at the top isn't too shabby. Congrats.

  8. That's so exciting!! Congratulations! What a great week of celebrations you've had. :)

  9. That's an awesome thing to celebrate! If you hit it once, you can again. I hope Kinetic goes big!

  10. Ah...how sweet. Cherish all those hugs. You can never get too many!

  11. Hugs do come before writing! :) Congrats again on your soaring ratings. That is such a great celebration. Writer’s Mark

  12. Woot for Kinetic! And the kids are a wonderful celebration! Have a nice weekend!

  13. There isn't much that can beat a good hug, so that's definitely something worth celebrating! And congrats on cracking the top 100, however briefly.

  14. i knew that smile would get you selling congratulations on making that list. I'm sure the kids love hugging you as well!

  15. Fantastic news! I'm so happy for you! :)

  16. Not just top 100, but top 50! :D It shows you're doing something right!

  17. Thanks for stopping by everyone :D

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