Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tweets Tuesdays (31)

Bringing back some old tweets back to life.
The poor things get buried in matter of seconds…
And yes, most of the tweets I pick to share here are quotes,
because well, I love quotes dammit! 

It was a mistake that set the world in motion. 
Never be afraid of making a mistake. ~ Paulo Coelho
* * *

What screws us up most in life 
is the picture in our head of how we think it is supposed to be.
* * *

When I'm sad, I sing. 
Then I realize my voice is worse than my problems. #SadButTrue :P
* * *

The privilege of friendship: 
to talk nonsense, and to have that nonsense respected.
~ C. Lamb 
* * *

All you need to do is hold on tight . . . and believe. 
~Stephen King


  1. I love Tweets Tuesday! I still like #2 the best, but I'm thankful for the fourth one, too, since my friends put up with a lot of nonsense. :)

  2. LOL, the sad but true cracked me up. I have the worst singing voice on earth and it would be cruel and unusual punishment to make anyone listen to it.

    1. It is cruel and unusual, Julie. That's why I only make my kids suffer, they have no choice, and the poor things are too young to know they should be throwing rotten tomatoes at me lol

  3. What has screwed me up most in life was the picture in my mother's head of what I was supposed to be.


  4. Ah! I love that picture quote. SO true. I think it's especially applicable in writing, but I've seen it play out with my art as well. Sometimes the medium dominates your vision and makes the creation better. =)

  5. Can we last dissatisfaction? Yep.. coz some of get a lot of practice. :) I love quotes too. X


  6. The last three are my favorites. :) Stephen King... what an inspiration! Writer’s Mark

  7. I love Paulo Coelho... what an amazing writer! I've just purchased 4 of his novels (in paperback... for my holiday reading...)
    And I really feel bad for those whose voices are worse than their problems, because I get paid when I sing...
    Some great quotes SK.
    Writer In Transit