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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tweets Tuesday (33)

Some of my past tweets: 
The Kinetic quotes edition!
(Fan favorites)

“I’m going to kiss you one day, I hope you know this.”
* * *

The problem was, 
I'd found my heart staring at me through one eye, 
and I'd lost my shit. 
* * *

 "Because you will forgive me, you have to. 
You and I aren't a matter of ifs and whys. 
You and I are inevitable."
* * *

I never wanted to be one of those girls again, 
the ones who live for love or die for it. 
No, love no longer had any place in my empty chest. 
* * *

"We all have cracks and missing pieces, but I do love you."


  1. I like the first one a lot, although if I'd used that on my wife when we first met, she might've laughed herself silly.

    1. lol I would have loved to dare you to say that to her at that point then :P

  2. LOL I'm cracking up at Alex's comment. :D Love the quotes, SK!

  3. I really like all the quotes, but especially love the third and the fifth.

  4. I am definitely missing pieces . . . of my brain.


  5. I can't imagine why anyone would ever leave you! Me? I can see them leaving me. I can be a lazy slug with a lot of opinions...

    Speaking of kids support. I bought tee-shirts for my "launch team" (otherwise known as my nieces!) and I showed them to my sons and told them the kissy faced book cover shirts were for them to wear to school...Christmas depended on it! Oh the looks of horror!

    1. I think you meant this comment for the above post, but omg I'm laughing at the looks of horror! I think it was a reasonable request for your launch team lol