Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Re-Release: FINDING ESTA By Shah Wharton & Giveaway!

Shah first published Finding Esta, book one of her paranormal mystery series, back in December 2012. Since then, she has continuously revised it as she improves her craft. Most recently, it has even changed enough to warrant a second edition. These changes include one whole new chapter and lots of polish.
The giveaway runs till 31st March 2014 - and offers TEN winners one e-copy of this new edition. :) Here's the new cover for the e-books...

Product Description

Paranormal mystery with an urban fantasy twist! 

For Luna, each day is not about living and succeeding, but about survival.

Luna has never been popular, in fact, even her parents loath her. She can hardly blame them; her psychic issues do make her a little odd and her only friends -- Flo and Ada- are Shadows who exist inside her troubled mind. Although the normal world is all she's known, it's a place where she's never belonged, nor been understood. For Luna, each day is not about living and succeeding, but about survival. That is, until her work as a journalist leads her to investigate the disappearance of baby Esta, snatched from her home over twenty years earlier. Soon, our psychic heroine stumbles upon a series of revelations in a clandestine realm of vampires, weres, and magical alien-supernaturals. Revelations that make her oddities appear perfectly banal in comparison, and obliterate every preconceived idea of the normal world.  

Her hunger for truth drives her forward. Yet, the constant physical changes, the undefined blood in her veins, the heightened power of psychic gifts she's always hated, and an ache to finally belong somewhere, to someone, all force her to make discoveries about herself she could never have imagined.
Ignorance may be bliss, but the truth will set Luna free, if only she can face it.
'Finding Esta' is the tumultuous tale of one extraordinary woman's journey of self-discovery within a supernatural underworld.

Already own it?

***You can get the update for the second edition of this book (if you already own an older copy) by going to Manage Your Kindle. Find Finding Esta' in your Kindle Library, click on the Update Available link next to the book's title, and then follow the update promptsAll your devices that have the eBook currently downloaded will be updated automatically the next time they connect to wireless.***
* The 2014 second edition of this book includes a thorough re-edit and an additional chapter.

Sorry, the old one was poop! :)

"The true source of her empathy is mind-blowing." By Book Reviewer: Wandalyn Thomas
"It's a great tale that's part Nancy Drew, part Harry Dresden, and part Underworld, with a dash of Weapon X thrown in for good measure." By Author: Tom Winship
"Be ready for things you will not expect." By Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite
"Finding Esta is an urban fantasy tale with a riveting plot that hooked me from the very first page. It is the firs installment of Shah Wharton's Supes series and cleverly weaves both mystery novel and supernatural tale together. By Valerie S. Fowler: Book Reviewer
"Can't wait for the next one. Truly amazing story best book I've read in a long time I hope the next one comes soon." By Wrainbeau: Book Reviewer

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  1. Congratulations on the re-release, Shah!

  2. A re-release? How epic! I love that that's possible in this day and age. We've come such a long ways.

  3. Thanks Shannon (and to all who stop by).

    @Crystal - yes, being in control of things does mean I can 're-release at will. We live and learn, so improvements were made which I wanted to highlight. It's a lot of work though. ;)

  4. All the best with the re-release, Shah. :-)

  5. Shah is totally rocking this re-release! Kudos to her. :)

  6. How great to be able to make it even better! Congratulations, Shah!