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Friday, July 11, 2014

Good Things-ish

I'm going to bullet-point this and you can't stop me ;)

Love this:
*Currently I have a deep appreciation for coffee. I love the thing on a regular day, but this week—with a sick little one—it's been a lifesaver. (Little one is better)

*I also "appreciated" a couple of glasses of wine last night. Hey, rough week.

*I'm close to polishing up my blurb. Which means nothing. I've been "close" for the past few weeks but keep changing it up again. Thank goodness for friends who I can annoy and ask for opinions. #SorryNotSorry

I don't love this:
*In one of my not-best-moments I cracked my phone screen. Very uncool.

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What are you celebrating?


  1. Glad to hear your little one is feeling better and coffee helped you through. Sorry about your phone. That stinks.

  2. Sorry about your phone, but chuckled at your appreciation for wine.

  3. Music! I'm participating in the Songs of Summer bloghop today.


  4. You're so funny, SK! I'm glad the little one is okay, and yay for coffee and wine! Good luck on the blurb and getting that screen fixed. I *may* have had a similar incident with a remote control...

  5. I appreciated your appreciation for wine last night. It enhanced my appreciation for our chat! So did the Baileys. A lot of appreciation going around.

    I think your blurb is an exciting thing! And every time you change it, it gets better, so no worries there.

    Little ones always make us appreciate coffee, don't they? Sick little ones make us appreciate pots of it.

  6. Glad little one is doing better! Sorry about your phone :( Hopefully you're *actually* close with the blurb this time!

  7. I also share your deep appreciation for coffee and wine!

  8. I'm more tea and wine :) Glad little bird is well. Ouch about the phone!


  9. Sorry the little one was sick, but happy the illness passed.

    Coffee is a good thing.

    ...but even coffee won't repair phone screens.

  10. Don't get the coffee addiction, but certainly with you on the wine! Sorry about the sickness and the phone screen.

  11. That's a bummer about your phone, but don't feel too bad. Hubby got me my first smart phone and I managed to break it after two weeks. Got rained on and it fell out of my pocket and when I finally found it, it was half hanging in a gutter.

  12. Sorry about your phone. I was once upon a long time addicted to coffee, not so now.

  13. Forget the coffee (love the smell, hate the taste!) and go straight to the wine :) Glad your little one is better. Feel your pain about the screen, husband has been trying to replace the screen on one of the boys phones, and it's nearly gone out the window several times!
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

  14. Sorry to hear about your phone, but I'm glad your little one is feeling better!

  15. I cracked the screen on my phone, too. Guess it's a good motivator to stop using my phone for mindless entertainment and keep at writing.

    Oh, and I'm a coffee fiend. Got the Bob Marley Jamaican Blue last week and it's worth every penny.

  16. I just get giddy even smelling coffee! Love that stuff:) Couldn't live without it. It's hard when things go wrong: cracked screen, sick child. Keep looking up!

  17. Glad that your little one is feeling better. I lived on coffee when my daughter was little...it was so hard giving it up when I got pregnant with my son! I think I was a walking zombie while pregnant for the second one and taking care of the first...thank God for Nick Jr :)

  18. Glad your kiddo is on the mend! I may need to appreciate some wine tonight myself!!