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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail — IWSG (14)

I'm a failure.

Like seriously. I suck. And hey, sucking is not always a bad thing, ahem, it means I'm being an overachiever in other aspects of my life—like being an awesome mom (Hollah!). This year has been nothing but me failing at reaching my writing goals. I keep saying I'm okay with it because . . . well the reasons: no rushing a product for the sake of rushing, family time, summer, CP-ing, must drink coffee, etc, etc. Recently however, it hit me that at some point my reasons—good or not—have become excuses.

The problem? I've failed to really plan. Mind you, I have really young toddler twins and my free time belong to them. They're the bosses, but they do sleep at night, and I happen to usually be an insomniac. I say usually because those little vampires have been sucking out my energy, and I'm brain dead as soon as their heads hit their pillow. That being said, I have been feeding my mind with my own outlets and working on several books, but, BUT, but, did I mention I've failed to plan?

I think that me being a pantser is coming back to bite me in the behind. I'm not sure I can really handle being a full-out outliner, but I have to at least plan better. My plots, my time, my naps, and my snaps. That last one maybe not so much, but it rhymed. Anyway, I realized that by not planning ahead I'm just making myself fail on purpose. That's just unacceptable. I'm working on a plan, which will include sub-plans, and a schedule. Of course since the kids started school today it becomes easier. I get two free hours a day for it, so there's that. I refuse to keep failing because of my own ridiculous doing. I can and will do better.

What about you? How have you been doing with your writing plans this year?

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  1. What is it they say? Fail to plan and you plan to fail? Something like that.
    I don't plan far ahead, but I do like to keep a handle on life.
    Kids are like vampires, sucking the life out of you? I've always thought that just never said it...
    Hey, now you know - start planning those two free hours!

  2. You'll have to make the most of those 2 free hours, SK!
    But the kids DO grow fast, so enjoy them while they are 'little'... the writing will always be there!
    Happy IWSG Day!

  3. I'm starting to plan and plot a little more than I usually do, and I'm finding it's helping me stay more on track. (I mention an ebook in my IWSG post that's helped me quite a bit - might help you, too.) Good luck!

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption

  4. Planning/scheduling is always a good idea. Although it is also easier to say it than do it. Still you will get there. Mommy is a very important job and you are doing it right.

  5. Toddler twins? I don't think I knew that. Or I'd forgotten. I think it's a miracle that you write anything.


  6. I'm the world's worst planner. I absolutely love the to-do list pic, LOL. That about sums it up for me lately.

    It's great your little ones are in school for a few hours now, I hope that helps you have more energy and work towards your goals.

  7. I'm not sure how you get anything done. Not with two toddlers. (Mine were a year apart so I remember being brain dead most of the time.) Don't skimp on your sleep. IMO, it's good to have goals but make sure they're doable. Good luck.

  8. I am a goal-setting addict, but I've not done so well this year. I've just kinda floated along.

  9. Give yourself time--you'll find the right balance between plotting and pantsting!

  10. Planning your snaps. Hahahahahahahahahaha *gasp* hahahahahahahha

    For the record, I think you're doing just fine. :)

  11. Be more patient with yourself Katherine. You're super at the most important stuff like being a great wife and mom to your little cherubs. Everything else will fall in line and you'll be surprised what you'll accomplish.

  12. I'm having the same trouble, so am doing some major goal setting. Life can be overwhelming at times, and I've noticed that the more I beat myself up about failing, the less I ultimately accomplish. It's when I forgive myself and make that next, easier to accomplish plan that it happens for me. Kids are exhausting. You need mental energy to be able to write. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting ANYTHING accomplished, then make reasonable goals that you can build up as you begin to get them done.

  13. The only way I ever get anything done is if I have a to-do list or a schedule to keep me in line. You can't get down on yourself, though, if things don't go as you hoped (which happens quite a bit). The best laid plans... as they say. When my kids were little, I hardly got any writing done because they required so much energy and pretty much all of my time. It's frustrating, but priorities are priorities. It does get better once the kids are in school and you suddenly have a bit of free time. Get some sleep and enjoy it for all it's worth. Hopefully then things will start to fall in line for you and plans will be easier to make and keep. Good luck with it!

  14. I write when I can. That's my plan for now.

  15. I find I do better when I have a plan, even a vague one. Usually, it's in the form of todo lists and that way I don't have deadlines making me panic. Lately, I haven't been doing too well at planning or todo lists. I guess we are both failing. Better change that, eh?

  16. Um, yeah. I can see why you've had a hard time getting any writing done. I only have ONE toddler home right now, and it's next to IMPOSSIBLE. I can't imagine TWO! So, don't be hard on yourself, but definitely take advantage of those two hours! Don't do laundry. Don't do dishes. Don't pick up the messes, even though you'll want to. Just write. Good luck!! :)