Friday, April 17, 2015

COVER REVEAL: Light Bringer by Brandon Ax

I'm excited guys!
I get to share the cover reveal 
for the last book in the Light Bringer series by Brandon Ax. 
But while the cover is great,
 and it does a great job with creating intrigue . . . well, 
I just can't wait for this epic conclusion! I've been waiting forever! 
Sophia's journey has been a roller coaster of emotions for me as a reader,
I laughed,  cried, and fell in love with her and her friends. I can't wait
to find out how their journeys end & get the answers to so many burning questions!
May can't come soon enough :)

Title: Light Bringer
Release date: May
Cover Artist:  Sua Balac

If you haven't read the first two books, 
not sure how else to say this, but . . .
what are you waiting for? :P
You'll be in for a ride! Find them here:

Best of luck, Brandon!

*** I will now resume my blogging break until May ***
(Probably until Brandon interrupts it again for the release)
(Someone tell him to stop hijacking people's blogs.)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Public Persona — IWSG (21)

So . . . I'm having a dilemma. 
I'm unsure if I should use Splenda or regular sugar in my coffee because society/science/"they" dictate both are right but also wrong. Unsure if the me I am online is the right me or if there's a more me I could be. 

Say what? 
Identity issues, people. 
Online identity issues, to be exact.

I, like most people, have different sides to my personality. On any given day I may portray several of those—by themselves, combined, mix and match, whatever. But online? I usually stick with one. And that one is the quirky, spunky, bubbly me. I have a positive and cheerful Online Public Persona and I like it! Am I like this in person? Sure. I joke around, I encourage, I'm sarcastic, and I love a double entendre like you wouldn't believe. If others were to describe me, they'd say I was fun, friendly, and awesome (I'm pretty sure they'd say awesome if I gave them chocolate). So what's wrong with this? Nothing. It's perfectly okay to be silly and have fun and show readers that I can interact with them while *hopefully* making them laugh. 


I'm struggling with uncertainty as to whether or not it really is okay. I have a serious side to me and could be considered a little bit smart, if I do say so myself. So I wonder: am I hurting myself by not allowing readers and/or fans to see that side of me? It's not something I do on purpose. I just like to keep my posts positive and bring a smile to others whenever possible. But how much is too much? At some point I wonder if it just comes off as immature and if I'm putting off more serious readers or new friends by keeping it light. Or at a distance, if you will.

On one hand, you could say people come to me for the fun because that's what they expect. But that's not all I'm about. Social media is the perfect place to network, engage new readers, and keep fans in the loop. If they come looking for me, is it just the fun side they want or would they be interested in more? I suppose I'm thinking of revamping the public persona everyone knows and allowing myself to share a different side of me more often. I'm not convinced it's the best move yet. Why? Well . . .

On the other hand, you could say I'm avoiding negative publicity. Unfortunately, if a writer opens up about being too insecure, they're called whiny. If they're upset about bad reviews, they're called childish. If they talk about preferences over how to raise a child, politics, religion, any controversial topic, they're attacked. If they start writing about how to sell, how or what to write, marketing tips, etc., most will appreciate it, but you can also be called out for wanting to be "a know it all." And I've seen in comments (a long time ago) where the writer was asked for credentials or proof of success. If you respond to any of this, you're immature and should know better than to be in the public eye. If you let it slide, sure you're taking the high road, but you can also be considered a pushover loser or something. You're damned if you do, damned if you don't. 

So what do others prefer? 

Do they stick to authors with a specific branding, since public persona is an extension of that? Stick to those who only share tips, information, serious updates, news about their books, light and funny, or a combination of all? Is having mostly quirky posts okay or am I narrowing down my fan base? 

 What do you do?

*** ALSO***
I'll be on a blog break for a while. 
I will, however, be visiting you crazy A to Z'ers!

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