Friday, April 17, 2015

COVER REVEAL: Light Bringer by Brandon Ax

I'm excited guys!
I get to share the cover reveal 
for the last book in the Light Bringer series by Brandon Ax. 
But while the cover is great,
 and it does a great job with creating intrigue . . . well, 
I just can't wait for this epic conclusion! I've been waiting forever! 
Sophia's journey has been a roller coaster of emotions for me as a reader,
I laughed,  cried, and fell in love with her and her friends. I can't wait
to find out how their journeys end & get the answers to so many burning questions!
May can't come soon enough :)

Title: Light Bringer
Release date: May
Cover Artist:  Sua Balac

If you haven't read the first two books, 
not sure how else to say this, but . . .
what are you waiting for? :P
You'll be in for a ride! Find them here:

Best of luck, Brandon!

*** I will now resume my blogging break until May ***
(Probably until Brandon interrupts it again for the release)
(Someone tell him to stop hijacking people's blogs.)


  1. Just saw it on Brandon's blog - awesome cover.

  2. Hey what am I good for if I can't interrupt your breaks :P. Thank you so much for helping reveal the cover. Now go enjoy that break, that is an order miss.

  3. gorgeous cover...these books sound fantastic. Enjoy your blog break! xoxo

  4. Great cover. She looks so bad*ss! Have a great weekend and enjoy your break!

  5. Beautiful cover! Enjoy that break! :)

  6. Ah yes, I saw this posted elsewhere, and even if I'm repeating myself I'll say it again - I love the art style on that cover. Very eye catching. The storyline doesn't sound half bad either, from what I've heard. ;)

  7. Enjoy your break and best of luck to Brandon. Cover's lovely!

  8. I like it! The eyes are freaking me out.