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New Releases: WITCH OF DEATH & GHOST OF DEATH by Chrys Fey

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Today I'm excited to let Chrys take over the blog for her book tour. These two short stories sound awesome! Be sure to check them out and leave Chrys some love! :D

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Thank you, SK, for letting my stop in at your blog today to share some details about my newest short stories, Witch of Death and Ghost of Death. Both of these stories involve detectives, so I thought it made perfect sense to share my favorite detective entertainment with you and your readers. :)

My Top Ten Detective/Crime Entertainment:

1. The Bone Collector (movie)
2. Taking Live (movie)
3. JD Robb “In Death” series (books)
4. Rizzoli and Isles (TV show)
5. The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling)
6. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Book and Movie)
7. Salt (movie)
8. Criminal Minds (TV show)
9. Law & Order: SVU (TV show)
10. Kiss the Girls (movie)

QUESTION: What's your favorite detective/crime entertainment?

Title: Ghost of Death
Author: Chrys Fey
Genre: Supernatural/Suspense
Format: eBook Only
Page Count: 41 (short story)
Release Date: April 22nd, 2015
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Jolie Montgomery, a twenty-one-year-old woman, wakes up in an alley next to her corpse. She has no memories of her murder or the night she died. She didn’t even see the killer’s face before he or she took her life. Wanting justice, Jolie seeks answers in the only way a ghost stalking the lead detective on the case.

Avrianna Heavenborn is determined to find the person responsible for a young woman’s death. She gets closer to the killer’s identity with every clue she uncovers, and Jolie is with her every step of the way.

But if they don’t solve her murder soon, Jolie will be an earth-bound spirit forever.

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            With the sound of her mom’s grief wafting up to her, Jolie came to terms with her present state. I’m dead and now my mom knows it. She eyed the door in front of her. She hadn’t yet walked through a door, but if her hand could pass through metal then she knew she could move
through wood.
If I have to be a ghost then I’ll be a damn good one. All across the afterlife I’ll be known as the Ghost of Death! And I’m going to start by walking through this damn door!
            She would’ve taken a deep breath to brace herself if she could have, so she mentally pumped herself up instead. You can do it! Easy-peasy. Nothing to it. And she took a step forward. Solid matter slipped around and through her form. On the other side, a familiar site confronted her: a black and white bed, the bright green shag carpet in the middle of the room, and a white desk.
            Stepping up to her desk, Jolie eyed her ancient desktop computer, the one she used before her dad gifted her with a laptop when she announced she was accepted to the local university. Wanting to send out the first ever tweet from the afterlife, she pushed the button to bring the device to life, but her finger poker straight through it. Resigning to her Twitter-less fate, she moved toward the full-length mirror hanging on the wall. She saw nothing. Not even a shimmer in the air hinted at her presence.
            Being a ghost sucks!

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Detective Reid Sanders doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but when he’s faced with a crime scene that defies the laws of nature, he has no other choice but to start believing. And solving a magical murder involves working with a witch.

Liberty Sawyer embodies the look of your classic evil witch, so, it’s no surprise when she uncovers the murderer is a witch that she becomes Reid’s number one suspect. If she can’t convince him otherwise, more people could lose their lives to dark magic, including her.

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Chrys Fey is the author of Hurricane Crimes and 30 Seconds. She is currently working on the sequel to Hurricane Crimes that’ll serve as book two in the Disaster Crimes series.

When Fey was six years old, she realized her dream of being a writer by watching her mother pursue publication. At the age of twelve, she started writing her first novel, which flourished into a series she later rewrote at seventeen. Fey lives in Florida where she is waiting for the next hurricane to come her way.

You can connect with her on Facebook and her blog, Write with Fey. She loves to get to know her readers! 

Author Links: 
Facebook / Blog / Website / Goodreads

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

IWSG (22) — It's Not You, It's Me

No, seriously. It's me. 
Every so often I need a break. Be it from blogging, writing, or exercising (well, this last one I snuck in here because yes). My most recent break was from blogging. Hold on to your seats though, because I'm back. That's right, I said it. And darn it now I have to remember the blogcation is over & keep on top of posting and such. Anyway . . .

I was feeling the pressure of too many things to deal with: 
I *must* post on my blogs (I'm a contributor to another blog). 
I *must* go visit and comment on my friends' blogs.
I *must* keep up with Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram.
I *must* look into Tsu, Periscope, Tumblr, etc.
I *must* do all the beta reading I committed to. 
I *must* work on the money making job.
I *must* continue being a mom and wife above all.
I *must* finish writing and revising my books.

Ever feel like there's too many things you *must* do to keep up with social media and your life in general? I'm sure you know what I mean. While coming up with a schedule and plan on how to tackle it all, I said to myself: well no one is putting a gun to your head. Maybe it's best to take a break. So I did.

I focused on one blog, thank goodness it's twice a month with one Twitter chat included. I continued being a mom and wife, yay for the family. I did the betas, my job, and I worked on my books. It felt great. Did I have all the time I thought I would have? No. Did I finish all of my projects? No, but I'm glad I hit pause on time or I would have just burnt myself out.

So my point is if you're feeling too much pressure from anything at all, sometimes it's best to step back. You return refreshed and ready to go. On that note, let me repeat:

I'm Back!!!

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Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!  Posting is first Wednesday of every month. Click here for more info.