Wednesday, November 4, 2015

5 Don'ts for Writers — IWSG (27) & SNOW ON CINDERS by Cathrina Constantine!

Hey there party people!!!

Today I'm over at Crystal Collier's blog, playing her Truth or Lie game so go check it out! Go, go, Go! Good luck guessing the lie ;)

Speaking of lies . . . as writers, we sometimes tell ourselves some white lies to help us through the days, or weeks, or months. I know I've told myself several times that I was just too busy to write, when in reality I just wanted to watch Netflix. Nothing wrong with that. Hey! I was doing research :) But there's a difference between looking for excuses and accepting I just want to relax and take a break from writing. Don't judge me! I know I'm not the only one, but why do we bother lying to ourselves? It doesn't matter really, at the end of the day we know the deal. We know we will work on our books soon. We know we need time off. And we know we're just rationalizing.

Still . . . I think that's okay. Obviously it's better if we don't, but we're not harming anyone. However, there are things that I think we should never do as writers or we'd really be harming our writing. Here's a list of DON'Ts:

SK Anthony

And I'm also here celebrating with Cathrina Constantine on her new release: Snow on Cinders, read below for her blurb, and check out her beautiful cover! Congrats, Cathrina!



How far would you go to protect your family?

A peculiar metamorphosis has taken shape since the final days. And the planet is in the throes of healing.

Fulvio McTullan leads his family and a band of misfits to form a new settlement, far from Tallas and it’s nefarious Elites. Their journey takes them into uncharted territories where strange creatures are lurking. It’s a battle of survival, not only from the creatures, but the mutated earth as well.

Meanwhile, Pomfrey Addler, an oppressive Elite squashes the insurrection in Tallas. Suddenly, citizens begin to vanish in the middle of the night and his daughter, Paniess is hell bent on revenge.

Fraught with mishaps, Fulvio finally locates the perfect place to settle. They begin to rebuild until they receive a call. A call which will lure them back into the clutches of Tallas.

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  1. Great advice S.K. And I'm loving your new header! :)

    Shah X

  2. I tried writing whatever book was calling to me...I was told I needed to stick with the girly stuff! So it seems like a challenge to me to write a book about topics that really call to me (ghosts, etc.) while still making it something that has a pink cover and a fashionista main character. Meg Cabot makes it work, so I think I can, too! Legally Blond meets Paranormal Activity?! Actually, sounds like a parody...

  3. I really try to write the story that wants to be told, however it wants to be told.

    And there's nothing wrong with taking a break - when else would we binge watch TV shows? :)

  4. SK, Congrats on Static!!!

    Thank you for the great advice!!! And thank you for plugging my book today!!!!

  5. Lying to ourselves is the worst and yet we continue to do it.

  6. I've been a fan of this sort of thinking too. Everyone is always saying "Write every day all the time", but we need days off just like any other job. We'll burn out otherwise.

  7. Nice tips. I get the needing days off, but for me it has become a on going theme and struggle---My fix has to come from within, if only I can find my way--that is me not lying to myself--the problem is me and I need to decided what I am going to do about it and just do it.
    Juneta Writer's Gambit

  8. Yay for Cathrina! (I LOVE her covers.) And I think that's some excellent advice--especially the writing your own way.

  9. Sometimes it is all right to take a break. We just have to know the difference between break and excuse.
    Big congratulations to Cathrina.

  10. Excellent advice, Katherine! We all make excuses sometimes, maybe just to prove how imperfect we are. (At least that applies to me)

  11. Great list, SK! We just have to keep on writing. :)

  12. Number five is probably the most important of all. Also I jumped over and read your lie. LIES I SAY LIES!!! :D

  13. Oh, I love that cover! The don't hold you back rule is the one I have a hard time enforcing. I have to guard my writing time are right. :)

  14. I thought the picture of me on my blog was good, but your's is great.

    I also appreciate the advice. I find myself emulating authors all the time. A few times, I've caught my voice changing based on the books I'm reading at the time. Got to be careful.



  15. Great advice - sometimes I take breaks and feel guilty about it - the last time (right before NaNo) I didn't. :) And I watched a lot of Netflix! lol

    Congrats to Cathrina on her release!

  16. Absolutely 100% yes. Great rules. I hate when I see new writers write toward a trend. The worst part, of course, is that they never realize by the time they complete their novel and get it submitted that that "trend" is probably already over or starting to fade out.

    "I just finished my sparkly vampire romance novel, guys!"
    Dude, stop. Just don't.

  17. These are all such great tips!! I especially love the write what you want to, not what's popular. And I love your new header—fabulous!! :)

    I've had a hard time writing lately. And I have binge-watched on a lot of Netflix. Lol. But I keep telling myself that the stories are there and the writing will come in time. I think I just need a little break. And that's ok, right? :)

    Oh, and congrats to Cathrina!! I absolutely LOVE her cover—it's gorgeous!