Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I'm basking in Chaotic-ness at the moment. 

My birthday was this past Sunday and I had cake, which reminded me of why I try to avoid having cake . . . because naturally I want MORE. Gimme, gimme! O_O Well, I'll wait and have more on Thursday and truly be appreciative on that day for something. Everything else, I'm just grateful for everyday of the year, so I'll focus on the goodies that day. My thighs will hate me, but my heart will be happy. (Clearly my brain is being controlled by my sweet tooth. )

Anyway, I'm also working on Chaotic, the third Luminary book. Allow me to share a couple things about this:

1- I'm so glad I didn't officially say I'd do NaNo because I'm failing on that. I've never done it before, but I'm not cut out for it . . . I'll write when I'm good and ready dammit! Err, well that's my excuse and even though I'm not on track to finishing the first draft by end of this month like I'd hoped to, I'm still writing along happily. 

2- You'll notice from the title that it, too, ends in tic. That's because I have issues. I'm OCD, okay? I had Kinetic and I had Mimic for the 4th book, so I had to find two other tics to satisfy my insanity. Static came naturally, but Chaotic was a bit more complicated to find a word that would fit. When the title came to me it was a happy day. Mostly because it would bug the heck out of me if I couldn't do the tic thing . . . you know like the chalkboard effect. Scratch it and it bugs most people. Same thing times a million would happen to me. (I also have knack for exaggeration.)

3- This one has nothing to do with Chaotic, but I was numbering stuff and it seemed appropriate to keep it going. Thanks for the feedback and support with my new Writers After Dark video series! My co-host, Raymond, and I will be recording episode 2 soon, and we'll be discussing two movies: Twilight versus Dracula (1992 version). If you have any thoughts on them, we'd love to hear it! We'll quote you with links to your website and probably even toast to it. 

Do you indulge in desserts on Thanksgiving?
Me needing all titles to end in tic . . .  umm, that's not crazy, right? 
Who is more horrific or romantic: 
Sparkly vegetarian vampire or our very 'in love' Dracula?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Mmm, cake does sound good. I want some now too. THANKS SK! =PPPPPP

  2. Happy birthday!
    Chaotic is a perfect name. Make it so.

  3. Vegetarian vampires might be scarier. :)
    And, I think your names for your books work great!

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Chaotic. Nice! Staring Ryan I take it?

  5. Yay! Love the title. And haha! I love the tic. No shame. I also love cake. Baking cake. Eating it makes me guilty. :(

  6. Life feels chaotic here...this is the first day we haven't had people staying in our house since Wednesday. I'm enjoying the silence! My first two books had numbers in the titles--30 Days of No Gossip and 25 Roses. People are always asking if one is the sequel to the other and it always throws me until I realize it's the numbers in the title!

  7. Happy birthday. I sent u male strippers. Did you get them?? I can't wait for another luminaries book!!!!

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