Friday, November 13, 2015

Writers After Dark: Romance v Horror, Episode One

Author interviews.

Interactive games with prizes.

Questions and opinions by viewers.

And many more cool things coming up in future episodes. Stay tuned!

This was our first discussion with what we like to call "many funny moments." We expect to have you snorting and doubling over in laughter as we get more comfortable with the camera. That's our goal. Also, a warning: automatically your ears will hear my accent a bit stronger than necessary. That's your own fault. But even with that, I think you'll like it. I make a great case for romance lovers, I think. And I'm not saying that because I'm ME, my mommy said I did, so there! *sticking tongue out*

Here's the trailer one more time, in case you missed it.
Because . . . well, I really liked it.

And now, for real! The first discussion . . . Drum roll, please! 

Romance v Horror: Stranger Than Life
Episode One


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Who do you think won the round???


  1. Really liked it guys. Had me yelling at both of you, lol. Also The Note Book is a munch better movie than Human Centipede. Although there are great quality horror movies as well. Can't wait for the next one. Subbed.

  2. I was going to side with Raymond on not liking The Notebook (though I've never read it, I read one Nicholas Sparks book and wasn't impressed). BUT BUT BUT he totally dissed me so I'm going to say YOU won the day, SK. I had ONE copy of The Five Love Languages, okay? And he asked me to send it. Begged me, really. I can't help it that I only remembered generalities and not the whole "love bucket" thing or whatever it was. At least now we know Raymond is not a cuddler, so I won't give him an extended hug when we meet. I loved the captions above your heads and the excuse for why he needs glasses to read. And the Carpenters v. Cee Lo was perfect. You guys rocked it. I can't wait for the next one.

    1. I actually only two of Nicholas Sparks books . . . I tried a couple others and didn't get past the first few chapters. I read The Notebook and The Wedding, which is sort of a continuation of The Notebook. Anyway, winning because he dissed you? I'm not sure I can accept that . . . no more back having! For now.

      Glad you liked it! :D

    2. I did not beg demanded I read it lol...that confirms get a VCR for Xmas Lynda

    3. At least now I can play the E.T. VHS tape you sent me last year.

  3. I found the romance in The Notebook a bit contrived...they had a romance based on hating each other...and then the story was beautiful because of the way it ended and only because of that. I have a problem with all Nicolas Sparks' books for that reason. Killing a character off is a bit of a wimpy move--far more challenging to actually have the couple resolve their differences and grow in the end without someone having to die. UGH. But clearly his work resonates with people since he's so successful.

    1. You know I completely agree with you on all his other stuff. I personally think that the Note Book, at least the movie was a great piece of art. But yeah for me that is his one home run the rest just didn't do anything for me.

    2. Did they hate each other??? It's been so long I totally don't remember that. Are you sure it wasn't A Walk to Remember 'cause she also dies? I didn't read or watch this one, so I really don't know. I just don't remember Noah and Allie hating each other at all, why you trying to ruin it for me, Stephie? Why? lol

      And no I'm not into his other books either. I did like The Wedding which brought Noah back and his children... different story, though. Might be the connection that made me actually sit through it.Thankfully no one died. lol.

      As far as the discussion, maybe it's because of the ending, I'm not sure, but I still stand by The Notebook!

  4. What a fun video idea. Personally, I think horror is more realistic. Romance is about a dashing, intelligent, muscle-bound guy who would selflessly do anything to be in a committed relationship with a woman he just met... and how often does that happen, honestly? With that said, I will say this... The Human Centipede was awful. Just awful. I would not expect you to come around to horror after seeing that.

    1. LOL - The Human Centipede is awful, but I figured if I have to sit through The Notebook, how much fun to make SK sit through that gross fest.

  5. I'll give the nod to romance. You're right, life needs some happily ever after. I have the horror of reality to escape. :)

    Though id it's an arm wrestling competition, I'll give the nod to horror.

    Love the new look of your blog!

  6. Yeah, I'm at a 50/50 place. Life isn't all about happy endings, but there are spats of it throughout reality. Still, I've seen enough of romance in reality that I wouldn't subscribe to the horror end of the spectrum. So there you go.