Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Oh My Gosh . . . What Happened?

As you can see from the title, I'm putting words in your mouth. If you didn't know that's what I was doing, well now you do. 

So to answer your "Oh my gosh, what happened?" question . . . well, the flu happened. My house has been a germ infected code red area for over a month now. We're better now, but we seem to have gone through two back-to-back rounds of it. I've had enough! I'm putting my foot down and refusing any more sickness. Wish me luck with that lol

Anyway, so I've been MIA because of that . . . and I haven't been to your blogs because of that . . . and I haven't posted Episode Two of my Writers After Dark video series because of that. But fear not! 2016 is coming and I'll do my best to annoy you with obsessive comments. 

I'm checking out for the rest of the year, so have fun, guys! 

Let's kick some butts in 2016!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Invite You To . . . (IWSG - 28)

It's end of year, guys, which means I'm tired. 

Everything I did this year is only now catching up to me. Why? Because 2015 mimicked Speedy Gonzales and December got here in half the time. Goodness my, it snapped right back like a slingshot and I wasn't ready. I might need a do over. Pretty much like this meme says, my goals are so NOT on point:

However, I'm telling myself it's okay. Mainly because, well, what else can I say? 0_O And now to you, I'm also telling you that it's okay. 

This December I'm inviting you to do several things:

1-Brush off the worry of not accomplishing all 2015 goals and focus the energy into planning ahead. Our books will be written in 2016, dammit! Who's with me?

2-Laugh. Share Laughter. Be the laugh. :P  'Tis the season to be jolly, after all.

3-Give me an idea here, I'm drawing a blank. (Did I mention I was tired?)

4-Pick up a fellow author's book, read it, and leave a review. You know you wanna! :)

5-Join The Creativity Sanctuary. Our fellow blogger and friend, Randi Lee, created this cool place for writers. In her words: "The Creativity Sanctuary is a new forum where writers can freely ask questions or share comments without fear of being ridiculed by the vehement know-it-all." We can all use a place like that, no? I already joined. Now it's your turn.

How did you manage your 2015 goals? Better luck than me?
What would you like to invite your fellow bloggers to this end of year?
Are you going to join The Creativity Sanctuary?

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