Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Writers After Dark — Episode II: Dracula V Twilight a.k.a. The Curse Awakens . . .

It was a cold starless night at the end of November, when bursting with excitement, I sat down to chat with my homeboy, Raymond. It was all good and fun while we prepped for what we knew would be our BEST second episode ever. 

Well, we hit the record button. 
And what the heck did we do that for? 

That night marked the beginning of what I call "the Dracula/vampire curse" . . . and not a cool curse either. I would have been quite happy had I turned into a cool vampiress, but nope. I just got the flu. Over. And over. And over again. I thought, well, they do say the process of turning into a creature of the night is hellish . . . but imagine my surprise when at the end of it all, I returned to my old human self.

However, it didn't stop there. January arrived and we figured we'd get going with it. BUT . . .  I received the gift of pinkeye (my first one ever). So naturally, I thought, YES! I AM going to be immortal and my thirst for blood is beginning, as evidenced by my red eyes. And then? Oh my goodness, I couldn't stand the sun. Or any light for that matter. Man! I was gonna rule the world! (at night). Except, well, it wasn't quite fun being kind of blind. Not fun at all. Being a vampire was not all it was cracked up to be. Both my corneas suffered scratches thanks to extreme dryness (another first) . . . so I begged Raymond to stop the transformation and to please, please, for the love of his puppy, Zeus, finish up the flipping video and help me regain my mortality. 

I just needed my life back.
And my laptop. And my phone. And my laptop again.

And that was just MY personal curse . . . we had so many issues with this topic, that we actually recorded THREE times. And in all of that . . . well, I rather not spoil it. The story we tell in this video is quite EPIC, if I do say so myself. 

But to be honest? 
It's actually better than it would have been if things had gone according to plan. 

As Bruno Mars would say: 
Don't believe me? Just watch!

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  1. I wouldn't jump the gun and say pink eye––even with a doctor saying it. I thought that's what I had and it turned out to be Iritis. Only reason I bring it is up is you said you couldn't stand light and one thing about Iritis is you get bloodshot eyes and light sensitivity. If it pops up again, go see an eye doctor. Unless you already did and they said pink eye then never mind. ;)

    1. I did go to the doctor . . . I had two weeks of that, followed by two weeks of dried/scratched corneas. I think the meds and pink eye caused damage to the corneas, so one whole month of 2 different issues lol

  2. Great video. Sometimes "conjunctivitis" is allergies. Franklin gets red eyes from allergies. My daughter who says I'm not funny had the same problem when she was young.


    1. My doc thought it was related to all the flu/cold I'd been suffering from. I did dismiss it at first thinking it was allergies. BTW, poor Franklin! Also, your daughter who says you're not funny is kidding right? You, Janie, are hilarious! ;)

  3. I do hope the rest of the year will bring you good health!! You poor thing.

  4. I'm just wishing your recovery "holds." I wouldn't wish your health problems on... well... almost anyone.

  5. hoping you're all better now!
    and what a fun time this video was!
    have a happier weekend =)

  6. That video was a trainwreck... and I say that in the best way possible. It was entertaining as hell. I loved it.

    Glad to hear you're back to your old human self. I'm not much for vampirism either. Blood-flavored beer is every bit as terrible as you think it is.

  7. Glad to hear you're feeling better! We were sick around here forever also. Not fun. So cool to see you on the show! That is awesome! :)

  8. Ugh. So sorry you had such drama! I think I told you the pinkeye I got in 2006 was bacterial instead of viral, so it wasn't contagious. It started as a sinus infection I got in England and spread I had to get on a plane and come back from England with both a sinus infection and pinkeye. I looked ridiculous! I didn't have cool glasses at the time, so I had to wear my ugly glasses for a week and nobody at work believed I wasn't contagious (as seemed to happen every time I had something noncontagious!). So glad you're feeling better and back to enjoying life.

  9. I'm not going to even mention your health issues or your temporary foray into almost-vampirism. You would have rocked it if you'd gone the whole way with the change. I'm going to focus on the gorilla that was really a wolf. Because? Because that was truly one of my favorite parts of the video. I would have voted for the gorilla, too, mainly because wolves are just so common. Wanna throw a wrench in the works? Gorilla. Every time. And we're going to have to get you some Luminaries shot glasses so Raymond can ask you about them. Maybe your April Fool's Day cover . . . hmmm . . . I'm thinking birthday gift. But I'll send it on MY birthday because yours is too far off and I'll forget. Boom.

  10. Being sick is not okay. Take care. Keep well.

  11. Still turned out entertaining. Hope you guys have better luck next time.

  12. So did it work? Did finishing the video break the curse? Very funny, loved you calling the wolf a gorilla, but that particular movie did look like a gorilla ROFL. Is that real alcohol in those shot glasses are you guys hamming it up? Either way its was funny and lean to believing the alcohol was real @@
    Happy Belated IWSG Day,
    Juneta Writer's Gambit