Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Delirious Writing — IWSG (30)

Lets talk about delirious writing sessions. 

You know the ones, right?

Not to be confused with drunk writing—I'm talking about those spurts where you're like "Yeah, man! I'm in the zone! I'm busting these words out. I'm totally killing it." You write for hours. And more hours. But you don't dare look back. It's best to avoid the "edit & revise distraction", am I right? I mean, the story is flowing so flawlessly from your mind, you just don't want to mess with the process.

Next few days, you pick right back up where you left off. You only had a couple hours of sleep, went to work, took care of your family and all other responsibilities, but . . . man oh man, your creativity is still hard at work and you just go for it. The plot twists are genius!  Your characters are so darn imperfectly perfect that you wanna cry. Nothing is stopping you now!

You just know you're going to blow people's minds . . . 

And then you go back to find that you are most definitely going to break record in shocking your readers . . . because you hardly made any sense in about 70% of what you wrote o_O

No? This never happened to you? 

Err . . . well, I've had my moments. Never where I thought I wrote flawless-anything, but where I felt that I've made major progress and that all I'd have to do is tweak around to keep my facts straight. Which would be great if my facts or my awesome ideas didn't include:

*** Misspelling . . . a lot. I once spent about about fifteen minutes trying to figure out why the word "payed" made me pause. 

*** One of my characters left once to go, umm,  "flower plants." And sure my characters in The Luminaries do have some special abilities, but well, nothing like that.

*** In Static, while I was busy at work, the most fantastic idea hit me. I *knew* THIS was the new direction for the group. I *knew* it would fit perfectly into the story lines I had going. It was as if I already knew what would happen to the group. Well, apparently I did know. As I went to write down my genius thought on my loose outline . . . I found the same idea staring at me—judging me, I might add. But clearly if I thought of it twice it was definitely the way to go. I did say writing "on couple hours" of sleep didn't I?  O_O

*** I've had contradictions. Repeated convos. And lots of missing words . . . you know, the ones your eyes "fill in" for you. I figure I might have been hungry so I just ate those words, readers be damned.  :P

What about you? 
Any funny moments from delirious writing?

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