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Be Mysterious: How to Save Yourself Some Pain Before You Release Your First Book —Guest Post By G. R. Fillinger

Hey guys,

Meet G. R. Fillinger! His debut book, Iron Inheritance,  promises an intense and captivating ride! And if that wasn't enough motivation for me wanting to introduce his work to you, well let me tell you: he's a fellow Netflix researcher who loves jokes—cheesy jokes! I don't know about you, but that speaks to my soul and I already know he's legit ;) Okay, in all seriousness, though? Go read his work! But first, let's find out what's lurking in that brain of his in the following guest post . . . 

Take it away, G.R.!!!

* * * 

Be Mysterious:  How to Save Yourself Some Pain Before You Release Your First Book

Some of the best scenes I've read end with a cliffhanger. The character's about to make a pivotal decision. Danger lurks around the corner. Lives hang in the balance.

Then the scene ends, and we're forced to keep reading. 

It's addictive and fun, and most readers love the way it gets their pulse pounding. I know I do.  

Here's where I went wrong:  I thought that kind of drama was only meant for stories. I crafted my chapters around those key moments when the question would have to remain unanswered for a while. 

Turns out I needed a little more of that in my real life when I got close to releasing my first novel. 

Here's the story:  I got the idea for my latest series four years ago. 

Now, I didn't spend four years writing this thing. Most of that time was used for procrastinating and watching too much Netflix--you know, "research." 

During the past year and a half or so, I put things into gear and wrote several drafts. By the time I was getting close to the finish line, all the research I'd done on publishing was bubbling out of me. I wanted to get this right. I had to hire an editor, a cover artist, and a formatter. I had to contact bloggers to get early reviews. I had to schedule blog posts and set up all my social media. 

My head was spinning, and when that happens, I make lists with self-imposed deadlines. It's just the way my mind works; I'd never have been able to force myself to actually write a book before I died if I didn't have this quality. Once I figured it all out on paper, I found that I had an actual date when I wanted to release my book 

Unfortunately, publishing your book isn't a solo gig. Writing may be, but getting your book out there for readers to see? Not so much. 

Things that I thought would take two weeks ended up taking two months. Time flew by, and I kept having to push back my launch date. 

Here's the worst part:  I had told a few people when I thought I'd release my book. They'd ask me, and suddenly I had this date in my head, and I just couldn't keep it from coming out. They asked a question, and I answered. It used to be so easy. 

Naturally, when my launch date for October...and then December....and then February got pushed back to March, I'd endured more than a few disappointed sighs, and I'd learned my lesson. 

I can't just be a normal person when people ask me about my book. I have to be an author. I have to give them just enough to entice. 

With that in mind, here are some answers I've come up with to far to fend off my friends, family and rabid fans:
  • When's your next book coming out?
    • I'm working on a scene with time travel right now, so it's kind of hard to say...
    • Only a prophet would know something like that. (My book series actually has some prophets, so this is kind of an inside joke). 
    • Remember that part in my last book when ___ betrayed ____ with just one little ill-timed fact? Yeah, not letting that happen to me. 
What about you? 
Do you have any phrases you keep in your back pocket 
to answer readers' questions without actually answering them? 

See you in the Comments section, and thanks very much to S. K. Anthony for giving me this opportunity.  

About the Book:

Title: Iron Inheritance
Genre:  Young-adult Urban Fantasy
Series Title:  The Blood Artifacts (Book 1 of 5)
Tag line:  The ultimate power lies dormant in her blood … until she spills another’s.

When eighteen-year-old Evelyn Brooks is attacked by a man who can control demons, she finds out she is a Nephilim with angelic essence, and her only remaining family is killed.

In the turmoil and grief that follow, Evelyn discovers a world where the celestial and terrestrial are linked by two secret, angelic societies. She is pulled into their struggle and discovers that her own talents have the capacity to save and destroy.

Will she be able to control her new powers to save her friends? The boy she begins to love? Or will her longing for revenge blind her to the betrayal following her since day one?

About the Author: 

G. R. Fillinger is a young­-adult fantasy author with a propensity for a ction, pop culture, romance, and jokes–very cheesy jokes. He likes to explore themes of identity, free will, and true love. Most of all, he loves to create and discover those hidden worlds that only a chosen few know about.

He cultivates his skills as a writer by eavesdropping and collecting phrases aged to perfection. If you’re mid­-conversation and he turns away to write something, chances are it’ll end up in a book. If you see his eyes glaze over, it’s because he’s forgotten his notebook, lost his pen, and is presently repeating the phrase over and over so he doesn’t forget it. It’s nothing personal. You’re probably just hilarious. Either that, or he’s trying to curse you. Take it as you will.

G. R. Fillinger has a BA in English Literature and an MA in Education. Currently, he teaches Creative Writing at a high school in southern California. Like writing, teaching is a passion, and he wouldn’t give it up. Not only do his kids come up with the most off­-the­-wall ideas and sayings, but they also seem to learn something occasionally. Being a part of that is quite a rush.

He also loves to travel, especially if it involves camping and hiking. It’s a chance to quiet his mind and learn to look at the world in a different way. That, and he gets to spend copious amounts of uninterrupted time with his family.

When he’s not writing, he spends time with his wife and newborn son. Right now, he’s really diggin’ the whole new­-dad thing. Bedtime songs are the best. 

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  1. LOL I'm nowhere near the publishing stage so I haven't thought of any witty responses like that yet. Congrats on the release!

    1. I'm way past this stage and *I* haven't thought of witty responses like that LOL (It's now on my to-do list :P)

  2. G.R.- I love your answers for book launch dates...perfect. The scenario is all too familiar to me. I've had to delay multiple times for all kinds of unpredictable reasons. Iron Inheritance sounds good. I love the cover art. Heading over to check it out on Amazon now.

    SK- Thanks for featuring a new author. Great to find more good reads.

    1. Goodness, Rebecca . . . I don't even want to count how many times I've delayed my releases, but I'm so glad to know I'm not alone lol Thanks for stopping by, happy reading!!!

  3. Great comebacks. I have not figured that out yet. I still get caught in corners and put on the spot and flounder.

    Love the premise to the book. Had to grab a copy. I like to explore identity, free will, and true love in my own writing along with family, friends and deep connections to build on. Nice cover too.

    Loved your intro Katherine. You have a very clear and entertaining style and voice. I enjoy your blog very much.
    Juneta @ Writer's Gambit

    1. Aww thanks, Juneta!!! :D

      Glad you grabbed a copy of his book! It sounds awesome!!!

  4. It's always hard to estimate when things will happen isn't it? Especially when it comes to finishing books. I always think mine are done and then I find all kinds of things to improve.

    1. Deanie, I think I over estimate my time when I give myself deadlines, and then it laughs in my face lol Like you, I also find all kinds of things to improve after my final drafts. Happy weekend! :)

  5. I'm currently reading this, and am irritated by the intrusions of life, work, and need for sleep that won't allow me to read without stopping. Iron Inheritance is well written and fascinating. Great job! And SK, you know cheesy jokes are what makes the world go 'round.

    1. Thanks so much for giving it a shot, Lynda. I can't wait to work with you on the next book. Sorry for the late reply--new baby and whatnot :)

  6. I'm currently reading this, and am irritated by the intrusions of life, work, and need for sleep that won't allow me to read without stopping. Iron Inheritance is well written and fascinating. Great job! And SK, you know cheesy jokes are what makes the world go 'round.

  7. This is why we usually just write a book and then release it whenever we please. We don't even mention a launch date until about 2 weeks before. We save our canned witty responses for post publication. Each book has a snappy 1 sentence log line that we can recite to intrigue people. My favorite, for our zombie novel: Black Elvis, a drunken janitor, and a stripper embark on an epic quest to not become zombie food in Las Vegas.

  8. I have one series where people keep asking me when the next book is coming out.

    I try to answer along the lines of "Within the next year or so."

    Vague and specific enough. It's perfect. ;-)