Friday, May 27, 2016

Meeting Crazy Internet People . . .

"They" say it's dangerous to talk to people online.
"They" say online relationships aren't real.
"They" say you should be very careful and probably avoid meeting them in person.

And for the most part, I'd say they're right. 

I suppose you have to know yourself and really do your homework. My story isn't a scary one, thank goodness. Mine is a really really cool and fun one. Well, for me and the parties involved it was very much fun. For you? I dunno . . .

Last summer, I met my friend and editor Lynda Dietz (who's back in the blogging world, go say hi!) . . . and needless to say, it was a hit!

But then . . . 

That was jut not enough. 

So I also went on to meet my other friend and fellow author Raymond Esposito and his lovely wife, Cheryl. 

And if you've watched any of Raymond's and my Writers After Dark series, you know we have an ongoing joke with me and "choking" . . . here's our attempt at a profile picture for our YouTube Series:

AND YET . . .

That still wasn't enough!!!!

The thing is, the three of us are great friends. So the logical thing to do was to meet . . . ALL of us, in ONE place, at the SAME time! And what better than Raymond's 50th birthday party? So last April, Lynda, Jeff (my hubby), and I went down to Florida and spent a weekend with the Espositos . . . man, was that fun!!!! 

How much fun, you ask? 
Well . . . take a look at these pictures::

Writers After Dark 
Special Presentation

What about you?
Have you met any online friends in person?
Would you ever?

Thanks for watching! :)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Those Crazy Internet Memes!

In one of those odd games life likes to play, let me tell you: I went from disliking memes (waaaaay back when) to having a collection of them. Heck, I even make my own*, like so:

But, well . . . at least I'm not going crazy posting 'Real Men, Real Love, or How Women Should Be Treated Like Queens' memes . . . You've seen those, haven't you? These days you can't swing a dead cat without hitting one.

Don't get me wrong, some are great. But some make you wonder what's going on in this modern dating world (soon to be an episode of WAD), and what kind of perception of romance  is being created by social media for "The Singles" of this era. The thing is . . . they are pretty hilarious when you break them down, and that's exactly what my co-host, Raymond Esposito, and I did in our Writers After Dark YouTube Series

So if you're up for a chuckle, 
give us 11-ish minutes of your time and come laugh with us:

Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel: 

What are your thoughts on Internet Memes: love or hate? 
Any funny ones you've seen? 

Thanks for watching!!!

*Not all are original content!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Reviewing Your Reviewer? — IWSG (31)

I love reading.
I love writing.
I love reviews. Don't you?

And it's okay to receive not-so good reviews once in a while, because come on . . . we learn from them. Well, well learn from the good reviews too. And umm . . . since I'm talking about reviews and all, what better time to plug a FANTASTIC 5 Star Editorial Review I received from Reader's Favorite? Look, I even got a stamp to go with it! (Fun fact: All 5-Star Reviews are automatically and legally labeled "Fantastic." #TrueStory)

But that's not what this post is about
(No one likes a show off!!! :P)

Nope, I'd like to talk about misguided reviews that miss the point. 
You know the kind: 

"OhMahGosh! I can't believe Harry Potter knew Edward Cullen! I don't understand why they didn't give us closure in HP and explain that he didn't really die. No guys! He became a vampire!" — Umm, two different series with one actor appearing in both movies. But okay.

Or say:

"I didn't read the first book in the series, and even though the author did a good job at explaning what happened previously, I wasn't familiar with the world in the beginning. I felt too lost to enjoy it. 1-Star!" — Yeahhhh, so . . . one, would think reading the books in order would help. But what do I know?

Or even:

"There was too much romance in that book! I wanted more action!" — You mean the one with the cover of the hot couple making out? With hearts all over it? That says it's from a Romance Bestselling author? That one? I can't believe it had too much romance! Shocker. o_O

All right, so you get the point! And if you have one more minute to spend on me . . . would you watch this quick "Reviews That Make You Scream!" trailer? 

At Writers After Dark, we're looking to showcase examples of this, for laugher of course! No bashing, no hating, no complaining! Just a quick line or three from a review that was way off the point of your book and a response from you. It could be: in comments below, email (, and it could even be anonymous! But but but, you can also send us a clip of you reading and reacting—we'd love that!!! Plus, you get to plug your books so win-win, I say! — If you comment below with one, let me know if you'd like it to be included in our video—if not, share anyway! I'd love to laugh & won't use any material without consent. ;)

BTW, for those who've asked: we've been on hiatus because we've revamped the videos. They're shorter, and I dare say hilarious. But we're giving all the A-Z'ers a couple weeks to recover—because we're nice like that! Thanks for the interest and the support!!! And for watching!!!

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