Friday, May 27, 2016

Meeting Crazy Internet People . . .

"They" say it's dangerous to talk to people online.
"They" say online relationships aren't real.
"They" say you should be very careful and probably avoid meeting them in person.

And for the most part, I'd say they're right. 

I suppose you have to know yourself and really do your homework. My story isn't a scary one, thank goodness. Mine is a really really cool and fun one. Well, for me and the parties involved it was very much fun. For you? I dunno . . .

Last summer, I met my friend and editor Lynda Dietz (who's back in the blogging world, go say hi!) . . . and needless to say, it was a hit!

But then . . . 

That was jut not enough. 

So I also went on to meet my other friend and fellow author Raymond Esposito and his lovely wife, Cheryl. 

And if you've watched any of Raymond's and my Writers After Dark series, you know we have an ongoing joke with me and "choking" . . . here's our attempt at a profile picture for our YouTube Series:

AND YET . . .

That still wasn't enough!!!!

The thing is, the three of us are great friends. So the logical thing to do was to meet . . . ALL of us, in ONE place, at the SAME time! And what better than Raymond's 50th birthday party? So last April, Lynda, Jeff (my hubby), and I went down to Florida and spent a weekend with the Espositos . . . man, was that fun!!!! 

How much fun, you ask? 
Well . . . take a look at these pictures::

Writers After Dark 
Special Presentation

What about you?
Have you met any online friends in person?
Would you ever?

Thanks for watching! :)


  1. Watching this made me wish we all lived together in a giant house . . . um, kind of like Raymond's giant house, which seemed to fit all of us just fine. Hopefully, teleporting will become a thing very soon. Now all we have to do is map out a schedule where every couple months, we meet in a new place. Right?

  2. I met my husband online and have met a few writing friends in real life after meeting them online first.

  3. I met some of my blogger friends. A couple of them even kidnapped me and held me hostage.


    1. And it was cold where they lived. They had that thing called snow.

    2. Hahahaha yes, well, Lynda and I just *had* to have you with us . . . maybe next time we'll give you a choice in the matter! :P

  4. How wonderful! I've met several of my online friends - Jo Henderson, Carolyn Howard Johnson, Alex Cavanaugh, Elizabeth S. Craig, and several others.

  5. Nice to learn that you have met good people but sometimes, it is scary to meet the unknown. The way we intend to meet and they propose are sometimes strikingly nonparallel. Usually some have different intents.

  6. It is quite happy to know that you have met good people. In this modern world it is quite difficult to trust our dear and near ones.. Good to know this. Liked it :)
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