Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ever Received a Misguided Review?

Recently, I uploaded my third book's, Chaotic (The Luminaries, Book 3)synopsis to Goodreads. I'm still in the writing phase, but I thought it was a good motivation to keep up with the writing. 

But imagine my surprise when I received a 3-star review on it. This book hasn't been published yet because it's not finished. And it hasn't been shared with anyone. At all.

It was a decent one too, except for the rating. The person said she loved it; the characters were great, but the other two books were better. Now, I don't believe in contacting reviewers, but I wanted to ask if maybe she meant to review the second book in the series, Static, but she said no. Then I explained why I reached out and the review disappeared with no reply from her. All good, it was a great chuckle, I mean . . .

It's not every day you get a review on a book that is still mostly in your head. 

Which brings me to the newest episode in the Writers After Dark video series! 

Some of our favorite followers were kind enough to send us their most awful, misguided book reviews! In return, we’ve responded to the readers on their behalf. 

So take a quick 13-minute break, 
sit back, and enjoy!

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  1. I love that someone tapped your brain waves (and it wasn't me!) to review your book. I mean, really, we know it's going to be good, so why not? And how dare she say she didn't like it as much as the first ones? Clearly her brain-wavery is full of static. (lol Static, get it? I even surprise myself sometimes.) Ahem . . . anyway, I loved hearing other people tell of similar tales, and watching Bryan was as great as watching you and Raymond. You really ought to have him on as a guest one of these years. Another great Writers After Dark vid!

  2. What a great story. And TOO FUNNY! That is cool tho a review on a book mostly in your head.
    Juneta @ Writer's Gambit

  3. Thank you for including mine.

    That someone reviewed a book that you hadn't finished writing yet is sad, because that means they are reviewing a lot of books they haven't read.

    Bryan's review was absurd all right!

  4. Those are funny! You just can't figure out some people.

  5. I enjoyed Chaotic, but I think the sequel is even better! :)

  6. Awww yeah, that was a great episode, even with me trying to ruin it with my semi-drunken rambling. Thanks again for having us, and we're already looking forward to next time!

  7. I wish she had replied because I wonder what she would have said.
    Thanks for highlighting me and my silly review. It still makes me laugh.

  8. Chaotic was good, but I'm sure the next three in the series--which are already out in my mind--are excellent. Penelope wandered out of the room but ran back in when she heard the music for your video, so you have another fan. I like seeing Bryan. He's hilarious. Some of the blog comments I see are good dick jokes. They demonstrate that the person did not read my blog post. I answered the Question of the Month about favorite childhood books. I wrote about The Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and mentioned that she didn't start writing the books until she was in her sixties. Someone I don't know commented that she thought it was lovely that Janie Junebug didn't write the books until she was in her sixties. I want my royalty checks, including interest for all the rest I wasn't paid. Excellent video. Penelope isn't sure if she likes the video, but she loves the music. She also likes the sixth book you wrote after Chaotic. Boy, you are prolific, Katherine.