Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Confidently Insecure — IWSG (34)

I love summer. I get to be permanently exhausted and happy for a couple of months by doing nothing more than being a mom. So naturally on the kids' first day of school, I cried while popping that wine bottle open to celebrate cope with my freedom loneliness. 

But mainly to celebrate. Now, I'm not being a harsh mom. On that particular day (September 1st), I received a book award for KINETIC. Sort of. In a competition of thousands of entries, I snatched the 5th place (with a couple ties on some prizes) and won the READERS' FAVORITE FINALIST AWARD in the Urban Fantasy category. Say whahhhh? I know!!!! :D (Also, I say "sort of" because it says finalist there, yet my email said I won the "finalist award", so I'm calling it an award based on that. I'm waiting on the rest of the details while I celebrate and, umm, before they take it away lol)

I was planning the demise of at least 3 winners in front of me but decided to let it slide . . . this time. This is just my first book, and I'm grateful and proud of my spot. I guess. Ahem, I mean, I am. Truly. 

It came at the right time. I'd just decided to step away from the series and feeling like a failure and overwhelmed by my lack of time to give it my all. As anyone who writes a series knows, it takes a lot of details to keep it all together, which for me personally is a little more difficult than a stand alone . . . And that's exactly what I'm working on now: a different separate stand alone story to get a break. I'll come back fresh to Chaotic in a few months, hopefully. 

So while I'm feeling a bit down for needing a break on the Luminaries, I feel great for having been recognized with my first book. And to celebrate even more, in a totally unrelated manner, check out my latest video and let me know if you agree that:

Every Story is a Love Story
(bonus point to whoever counts the right number of times I say, "I mean" o_O)